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Charles  Adams  Studio  Project  (CASP)  -  Live | Work  Studios

Project Description:

Located in the heart of Downtown Lubbock, the CASP Live|Work Studios provide residence to recent graduates and professional artists.


The program for each unit includes living and studio spaces that open to screened courtyard areas, an open kitchen, restroom, support spaces, along with covered parking.  The linear floor plan allows for natural light and breezes to enter on either end of the living and studio spaces.  The masonry courtyard walls give privacy and attenuate the noise level of street and foot traffic.  The studios take an architecturally minimal approach with simple forms, an understated material palette of metal wall panels, masonry, polcarbonate gates, painted walls and large OH Doors at the studios to take in the view of the Downtown Lubbock skyline.


Lubbock, Texas

Project Size:

Studio A, B, C & D each = 1,668 SF

Completion Date:

January 2011

Design Team:

Designer: Urs Peter Flueckiger

Architect: JDMA Architects

Civil Engineer: Hugo Reed & Associates, Inc.

Structural Engineer: Thoma Engineering, Inc.

MPE Engineers: David A. Bradshaw, P.E.

General Contractor:

Craig Wallace Construction, LLC

CASP 001.jpg
CASP 008.jpg
CASP 003.jpg
CASP 010.jpg
CASP 011.jpg
CASP 012.jpg
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