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​Our process and approach to delivering a successful project

The success of your diverse project requirements relies on a proven approach from the initial introduction through construction administration.  Our promise to you is our commitment to listening, understanding and providing clear communication and organized procedures for the delivery and documentation of information throughout all phases of each project.  It is through this process that we create the most innovative and unique response for every project


We listen first, then we draw.  Successful design solutions are the result of an open atmosphere of communication between the client and all stakeholders at every stage of the process.  The same key individuals involved in the planning will carry the project through to closeout, to be sure that the completed project realizes the original vision set out in the long range plan.


Our design approach is a diverse and collaborative effort between our clients and our design team.  Our designers will work with your team to develop a comprehensive design solution tailored both to the project and your goals.


We start the design process with an initial kick-off meeting to establish a clear understanding of the goals, organization, responsibilities, and planning activities, as well as confirm lines of communication.  A work plan for the project is developed and all team members are included in conception of the plan to assure buy in.  This provides the foundation for the entire team and the project's success and completion.   


Together, we work with you and all key stakeholders to understand the vision for the project, define goals, discuss ideas, explore options, and consider opportunities for your design.  We simultaneously begin the planning process with diagrams that establish the functions of the individual spaces and organize the programming into an initial design response.


These are traditional phases of the work by which the project is realized.  Our team will include key members of our planning team to insure continuity with all stakeholders involved in the planning process.  We will work closely with the the entire team to develop the design and documents to realize the client's vision and to do that within the established budget and schedule set out in the plans.



Our team will fully support the client throughout the bidding and negotiation phase and make recommendations for award of contracts.  We have experience in all major project delivery methods, and we can assist in evaluating which method works best for your specific project and the construction market and bidding climate.


The same licensed architects and engineers who designed the project, will perform construction administration.  Our project managers and architects also participate in progress meetings with the contractor at regular intervals during construction to ensure that each project is constructed in a quality manner, on time and within budget.  Our basic services include working with the client to manage the warranty items for a one year period after substantial completion.


We make it a priority to utilize the most current available software and technology that will enable us to communicate and work seamlessly with our design partners and clients.  We utilize Revit and (BIM) Building Information Modeling, ACAD, Sketch-Up, Enscape, (VR) Virtual Reality/Walk-thrus, Adobe Suite Products and TEAMS and ZOOM to design, present and communicate our design options to all members of the client and A/E team.  


Drawing is essential to the design process.  Both Abel and Alex hand-draw, whether in sketchbooks or on trace paper over printed plans.  From design concept to technical details, hand drawing allows us to quickly explore ideas and convey intent.  The development of a floor plan, the analysis of a site, the organization of spaces, or exploration of construction details are all efficiently produced in the line work of a sketch.

JDMA Architects will provide the services needed to complete your project, with the highest level of attention you deserve.  Plus we're a Great Team to work with!

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