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Collier Construction Company - Exterior Improvements

Project Description:

It’s always great when one of our local General Contractor’s asks us to assist in the renovation of their office building.

Collier Construction was interested in updating the exterior façade of their building and approached JDMA to help.  The design was a collaboration between Collier and JDMA Architects, that resulted in the successful exterior remodel and provided the company with a new visual identity.  Visitors are now greeted by a palette of metal, glass, masonry and wood that frame the original structure and extends to the new landscape and site features.  New design elements against a traditional framework tie together this building's modern exterior, located in the industrial area of Lubbock.


Lubbock, Texas

Completion Date:

June 2020

Design Team:

Architect: JDMA Architects


General Contractor:

Collier Construction Company

West Elevation Option One_7.20.18.jpg
West Elevation Option Two_7.20.18.jpg
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