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Lubbock  Plastic  Surgery  Institute  -  New  Surgical Center

Project Description:

Lubbock Plastic Surgery Institute’s new facility provides Lubbock residents with the services and experience expected of this leading Medical and Cosmetic provider. 


In maintaining a comfortable environment while integrating the owner’s fundamentals regarding design, JDMA Architects created a welcoming space that is open, light-filled, and relaxing.  Upon entering the glass filled waiting area, patients are presented with natural, clean and durable materials.  These include masonry stone, metal panels, wood, exposed steel, glass, and painted walls.  Moving into the facility, patients, physicians, and staff are provided with exam and treatment rooms, nurses stations, operating rooms, dressing spaces, a break room, offices, storage, and support areas.  The overall outcome of this project is a work environment that is functional yet inviting.


Lubbock, Texas

Project Size:

8,317 SF

Completion Date:

April 2016

Design Team:

Architect: JDMA Architects

Interior Designer:  Lindsay Carlile Designs, Inc.

Structural Engineer: Thoma Engineering, Inc.

MPE Engineers: BSA Consulting Engineers, PLLC

General Contractor:

Teinert Construction, Inc.

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