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Thacker  Jewelry  -  New  Lubbock  Showroom

Project Description:

Originally founded in 1979 in Roaring Springs, Texas, Thacker Jewelry’s Lubbock location opened in 1983 and currently serves in the retail sale of custom jewelry at the national level.  To support the company’s growth, Thacker Jewelry asked JDMA to create a facility that reflected the company’s jewelry from designers around the world, as well as the craftspeople and artisans that have a hand in creating it.

JDMA responded with a design that reflected Joe and Ann Thacker’s specific style with a focus on the sales area that is illuminated to highlight and compliment the Thacker’s beautifully designed products.  Natural light enters from large classic style windows to the open sales area and to the private offices wrapping the perimeter.  Most stunning is the textural richness of the interior finishes from the warm hues of the walls, and the eclectic mixture of furniture contrasted with the custom light fixtures, flooring and art work.  The new Thacker Jewelry showroom engages and invites you to take a further look.



Lubbock, Texas

Project Size:

6,513 SF

Completion Date:

January 2016

Design Team:

Architect: JDMA Architects

Structural Engineer: EAKOM Engineering & Consulting

MPE Engineers: BSA Consulting Engineers, PLLC

General Contractor:

Collier Construction Company

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